About Me: Why Edit?

For a long time, I thought of editing as almost the poor cousin of writing. Writing was the important thing, after all. Editors just came in at the end, fiddled about with the book a bit, made unrealistic demands on the poor writer, and then took a cut of the profits.

Hahaha. So naive!

Obviously, now that I’ve done some more writing myself, I know that the value of a good editor can’t be overstated. It is really hard to send your work away to be critiqued, but how awesome is it, to have someone read over and offer ideas, thoughts, and suggestions which you might never have come up with yourself?

More importantly, as an editor, I’ve come to realise just how incredible can be the relationship between writer and editor. Editing someone’s work  means a  whole lot of reading, and I’ve always loved reading, so getting to do it as a job is rather special. However, when I edit, it’s like reading + 100. I get to read, and then I get to talk to the writer about it, in great detail. I get to discuss characterisation, language, plot… I get to talk with them about all those choices they made, and we have an intimate conversation about all of that, just the two of us. What a privilege! Where else would I get this kind of insight; where else would I have such an opportunity?

I sort of stumbled into this job, not really knowing what it entailed, but as seems to happen so often with that kind of scenario, it’s turned out better than I could ever have imagined.

I so look forward to reading your work.