You’re hard at work on your novel/short story/dissertation/poem/article and you’re thinking,

If only. 

If only I knew of an editor, who would be able to proofread my work, and offer constructive, relevant criticism. Someone who reads every chance she can get, and who can switch between UK and US English (and Australian English, too, but pff, well, nobody really takes that seriously).

Oh, if only I knew someone who excelled in ensuring that my arguments were coherent, and could give me feedback about the plot or characterisation! Someone who also writes and has been published, and therefore knows the sting of rejection and the paralysing frustration of writer’s block! 


I’m here.

I’m Rebecca, your friendly editor, writer, and professional bilby.
I live in Albany, Western Australia, a seaside town where, on quiet nights, I can hear the train sounding its horn as it pulls into port, and where it rains quite a lot–for a sunburnt country–but that’s OK, because I like wearing hoodies. I also really like long sentences, but oddly enough, will totally pull you up on them if you ask me to edit your work. I’m pedantic that way. Also more than a little hypocritical, I guess.

More about me? Oh, OK, if you insist. I’ve done a few university degrees, been a high school teacher, worked in retail store management, worked in supermarkets, and waited tables. And I’ve been reading, writing and editing along the way.

I’ve a passion for language. I love the written word, because it allows for voices which might somehow seem too contrived for everyday speech. The act of writing something down is to preserve a moment which might otherwise slip away, unnoticed. It is to mark, in memory, a fleeting emotion. And if you’re interested in doing that, then I’m interested in editing it… and making sure you spell everything correctly.


About Rebecca Freeman

I'm an editor of fiction and non-fiction. I also write stories of my own, because then I can steal all the best bits of the work I edit. Uh... I mean, I find reading and editing other people's work really inspiring and interesting. Really, though. Being able to work with an author to help their work shine is such a privilege and a really fun experience. I'm so happy I get to do it. When not editing, I like to run, write, grub about in the dirt, and drink tea.
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